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Setcom Payment Solutions has been a leading South African Payment Service Provider since 1998. We provide secure processing of online and mobile credit card and EFT transactions for a vast range of local and international businesses.



Everything we do is to help people buy and sell anywhere, anytime. We make simple, intuitive and user-friendly payment products that allow our clients to receive payments effortlessly, so they can focus on growing their businesses. We add value to each buying experience by ensuring simplicity, speed, and above all, security.


Company Overview

The Setcom Payment Gateway was founded in 1998 to provide a secure online credit card facility to South African e-commerce businesses. Today, Setcom is recognised as a pioneer and innovator in the payments industry. In 2004, we launched MonsterPay - the first person-to-person payment service in Africa. In 2007, we launched SID Instant EFT, an innovative payment solution which utilises a customer’s Internet Banking to make real-time online payments directly to a merchant’s bank account.

2012 saw the Hong Kong launch of our ground-breaking mobile payment solution named Swish, which gives businesses the freedom to accept card payments from any location by using their Android- or iOS-powered smartphones or tablets in conjunction with our secure card reader and free mobile app.



  • Digital Planet continually strives to add value to our clients, and working with Setcom has allowed us to offer more flexibility to our clients when it comes to online payments. This is very important to us because secure payment methods are one of the major considerations for online shoppers in South Africa.

    Cassie van Wyk - Head of E-commerce at Digital Planet

We recommend that you pair this payment solution with SID Instant EFT for optimal sales.

The Setcom Payment Gateway provides secure online credit card processing, as well as a virtual payment terminal and bulk payment solution.

Ideal for South African merchants who wish to accept secure online credit card payments directly to their e-commerce merchant accounts.


Setcom Payment Gateway Services

Why choose Setcom Payment Gateway?

Credit Card Processing Fees


R250 Setup Fee Fixed R1.20 per Credit Card Transaction Free 3D Secure

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Credit Card and SID Combo


Free Setup Fixed R1.10 per Credit Card Transaction 1.4% per SID Instant EFT Transaction Free 3D Secure

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Low, Fixed Transaction Fees

Unlike most Payment Gateways, Setcom offers a fixed transaction fee of as low as R1.10. This means that regardless of the transaction value, you always know exactly what you'll be paying, so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

Easy Integration Process

Whether you're using a pre-integrated shopping cart or performing a custom integration, our simple integration methods can get you up and running in no time.

Integration Methods

Excellent Customer Support

Our renowned customer service and technical support teams go above and beyond to ensure that your online business is always running smoothly.

Customer Service

Direct Payment to You

Credit card payments received on your website are deposited directly into your Internet merchant bank account, so you always have quick access to your money.

Industry Leading Security

The Setcom Payment Gateway complies with the highest international industry standard for card data security, thereby ensuring optimal payment protection.

Convenient Reporting Tools

Our easy reporting and reconciliation tools allow you to view your online credit card payment history and run bank settlement reports as part of your package.


We recommend that you pair the SID Instant EFT payment solution with Setcom credit card processing for optimal sales.

SID Instant EFT is a secure payment solution which allows shoppers to make quick online or mobile payments without a credit card.

Ideal for South African merchants who aim to increase their online and mobile sales by offering an additional payment option to credit card.


How does SID Instant EFT work?

Why choose SID Instant EFT?

SID Instant EFT Processing Fees


R250 Setup Fee 1.5% per SID Instant EFT Transaction

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SID and Credit Card Combo


Free Setup 1.4% per SID Instant EFT Transaction Fixed R1.10 per Credit Card Transaction Free 3D Secure

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Low Transaction Fees

SID payments aren’t subject to additional e-commerce account charges from your bank, as with online credit card processing. Your processing costs for SID are therefore substantially lower.

Increase Online & Mobile Sales

SID opens your online store to a vast market of customers who don’t have credit cards, or who avoid credit card purchases. By offering a payment alternative to these customers, you can increase your sales by up to 25%.

Direct Bank Payment

Payments received with SID are deposited directly into your bank account in real time, as with a normal EFT. Unlike credit card payments, SID transactions are irreversible, so funds received via SID are 100% guaranteed.

No Merchant Account Needed

Avoid the tedious e-commerce merchant account application process and save on bank charges. With SID, you don’t need an e-commerce merchant account! Payments are made to your existing business or personal bank account.

No Fraud or Chargebacks

With credit card transactions, chargebacks can occur up to 6 months after payment, which may result in losses for your business. With SID, payments are irreversible, thereby eliminating the risk of chargebacks and fraud.

Quick & Easy Payment Process

Shoppers can enjoy a smooth payment process that links them directly to their Internet Banking, prepopulates the payment details and takes them right back to your website once the payment’s completed.


MonsterPay offers secure online credit card processing, as well as SID Instant EFT at no monthly fee.

Ideal for small to medium businesses who would like to start selling online without opening an e-commerce merchant account.


MonsterPay Services

Why choose MonsterPay?

Affordable Pricing

MonsterPay doesn’t charge any setup or monthly fees. You’ll only pay a small transaction fee for each payment received on your website. This means you don’t have to spend tons of money in order to start making money.

MonsterPay Fees

No Merchant Account Needed

As a MonsterPay client, you don’t require an e-commerce merchant account. Payments are made into your MonsterPay account. You can then withdraw funds to your business or personal bank account at your own convenience.

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Free Selling Tools

MonsterPay provides you with free shopping carts and additional selling tools like our “Collect Money by Email” feature. Our online merchant portal allows you to monitor your payments, view balances and request withdrawals.

Collect Money by Email

Easy Integration

You don’t have to be an IT genius to integrate the MonsterPay shopping cart to your website. Our Button Generator lets you create customizable buttons within minutes. Third-party shopping cart modules are also available.

Free Fraud Screening

MonsterPay’s Free Fraud Prevention system utilizes sophisticated screening procedures to help detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. Cardholder verification is required for any suspicious transactions.

Brilliant Support

The MonsterPay Support Team offers their technical expertise to help you with your payment integration, as well as friendly support to your customers who require assistance when completing a payment.


Swish offers a complete mobile point-of-sale solution, which effectively converts a merchant’s smartphone or tablet into a card terminal.

Ideal for anyone who does business away from the office, whether you’re selling products in a market, or on your customer’s doorstep.


Swish Services

Why choose Swish?

Entry Level


R250 Setup 0.65% per transaction Free 3D Secure

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Best Value


Free Setup Free processing upto R100,000 Monthly R100,000 plus @ 0.5% ea Free 3D Secure

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Volume Based


Free Setup 0 - 100,000 txns @ R1.00 ea 100,001 - 250,000 txns @ R0.85 ea 250,000 txns plus @ R0.65 ea Free 3D Secure

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Fraud Screening


R1499 Setup R1.10 per transaction R99 additional analysis and modification

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Affordable Pricing

Swish makes it affordable for anyone to start accepting point-of-sale card payments. You only pay a small transaction fee per payment received. Swish charges no monthly fees, or cancellation fees.

Quick & Easy Payment

By using the free Swish app on your mobile phone or tablet in conjunction with our Chip-and-PIN card reader, you can complete secure card payments with the ease and speed of a conventional point-of-sale terminal.

Fully Mobile Payment Solution

The Swish card reader and mobile app make your business fully mobile by allowing you to take payments using your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the convenience of taking payments anywhere, at any time.

Accept Chip & Magstripe Cards

By incorporating a magnetic swipe track, as well as a smart card reader into one device, Swish enables you to process magstripe and chip cards. Choose Swish for a solution to all your customers’ point-of-sale payment needs!

Secure PIN Entry

Our Chip-and-PIN card reader comes with a built in keypad, which allows the cardholder to enter their PIN securely. The cardholder experience is therefore consistent with PIN entry on a traditional point-of-sale terminal.

Fully Certified

We have taken great care in developing a payment infrastructure that ensures optimal card data security. Swish is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider with EMV Level 1 and Level 2, as well as PCI PTS (SRED) certification.

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